From the Hometown He Rose

by Thom Stockton

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From the Hometown He Rose is Thom Stockton's debut album. Here he sets the bar high with this high-energy, passionate proclamation of family values, belief in oneself & hometown pride. Taking stands against gun violence and for fatherhood, Thomas brings a positive message and unique sound to the hip-hop world. Through hardwork and an "Impossible is Nothing" attitude, Thom Stockton (a self-funded, independent musician) was able to work with some of his favorite artists on the project including Obie Trice, DJ Fresh, & Fatlip of the Pharcyde. If he can duplicate this effort, one thing is for certain, He is to be heard.


released March 17, 2012

Beats by Beat Head, DJ Fresh, Sapient, ItsEquip, DJ Epik & Thesis.
Lyrics by T.O. Elliott
Engineered by J-Intell at Omina Labs
Album art by Maite Urzua
Design by Neil Stoeckle



all rights reserved


Thom Stockton California

Thom Stockton AKA "Mr. Make-it-Happen" is a California born & based Independent Hip-Hop Artist.

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Track Name: The Magic of New (ft. Fatlip)
"Hit the ground running. Make this world your beach."

-Thom Stockton

"Even Martin Luther had a dream for a solution, but without the execution, the dream is just illusion."

Track Name: When Dreams Become Plans
"Now take 4 steps forward and like a halfback, run it like Gore for 6 & way past that. And if we trip and then stumble...Goood, i'll take the trip to the top with this hustle (Tripp!)."

-Thom Stockton
Track Name: Push, Don't Pull
"I prefer knuckles over guns, cuz a tooth out is nothing like what you lose in a shootout."

-Thom Stockton
Track Name: Show You How
"Baby girl, baby girl, baby girl, you so pretty. Got your mother's beautiful eyes it's almost sickening. I do believe it's something like a miracle. THe way you got me fumbling my words when I was once strong lyrically."

-Thom Stockton
Track Name: From the Hometown He Rose (ft. Obie Trice)
"So now we living like bosses. Fuck what it cost us. You can't tell us shit, 2 poor kids from Detroit & Stockton with grown man pockets. Obie & Thomas, real name no gimmicks, hit the stage wobbling."

-Thom Stockton
Track Name: Homewrecker
"You said, you could never do that. You've been on the other end. You remember each time crying to your mother when the other girl was delighting in doing the damaging. I guess every nail get's tired sometimes and starts hammering."

-Thom Stockton
Track Name: Baby, Please Don't Go
"Baby, I did my best, maybe I should known. I hit the floor screaming, Baby, please don't go."

-Thom Stockton
Track Name: Fresh Air (ft. Fashawn)
"I'm thinking, i'll take today and hit the beach. Swing a figure 8 just to feel my tires screech. Chrome on the feet. Shoes on release. California face but she got a Georgia peach."

Track Name: March
"Shit, you could teach a chimp to do this.
Just open your ears and close your lips."

"You gotta keep earning it."
Track Name: What Matters Most is How Well We Walk Through the Fire
"They say use your head. Instead I always use my heart. It's probably why I'm losing my mind. Always falling apart at the seams. Of my heart on my sleeve, of my hardened heart, please pardon me."

-Thom Stockton
Track Name: Same Team (ft. Curtis Young)
"Black & white labels are inaccurate folks. We're all shades of brown, but it's the blood that matters most. Cuz you bleed like I bleed, but can you see what I see? If not, then open your eyes and you will probably change your mind. SAME TEAM!"

-Thom Stockton